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00:00:00T, tv's craig ferguson.
00:00:01Today this two teams of bouncy kangaroos will battle each other for a huge cash prize in the game that's all about famous names, and as if that weren't enough, we're gonna be joined in this very studio by two real, live celebrities .
00:00:13[cheers and applause] Right here right now.
00:00:16Our teams today are francesca and danny and kamilah and mary.
00:00:22Talk to you guys in a minute.
00:00:22You two, step it up.
00:00:25[cheers and applause] Kamilah and mary?
00:00:26>> both: YES.
00:00:27>> Tell me all about you.
00:00:29>> Mary and I both grew up in indianapolis, indiana.
00:00:31We went to high school together.
00:00:33>> And then she moved out here, and I saw it on facebook, and we reconnected 20 years later.
00:00:37>> Boom.
00:00:38>> Oh!
00:00:39That's lovely.
00:00:40Thanks, facebook.
00:00:42Another happy reconciliation.
00:00:44[laughter] All right.
00:00:46Good luck to you today, ladies.
00:00:48>> both: THANK YOU.
00:00:49>> All right, let's meet the celebrity you'll be playing with first.
00:00:51Uh, he was seen on the hit tv shows fringeandarrow and stars on the second season of the wgn america show salempremiering this spring, please welcome seth gabel, everybody.
00:01:01[cheers and applause] Seth gabel.
00:01:04Seth, my friend from facebook.
00:01:09Are you on facebook?
00:01:09>> Uh, no.
00:01:10>> No.
00:01:11I'm not either.
00:01:13Kamilah and mary.
00:01:14>> both: HI.
00:01:15>> Hi, mary.
00:01:15>> Nice to meet you.
00:01:16>> Nice to meet you.
00:01:17>> Kamilah and mary, they're on facebook, but you're not on facebook?
00:01:19>> Uh, I had a facebook account, and then, uh, some old friends-- >> got in touch?
00:01:25>> I know, I know.
00:01:26All right.
00:01:27Let's see the categories from which you guys will choose.
00:01:34>> You're such a flake.
00:01:35Are you good with that?
00:01:35>> If you're good with that, I'm good with that.
00:01:37>> You're such a flake.
00:01:37>> You're such a flake.
00:01:40>> [screams] >> All right.
00:01:42Get in there.
00:01:43[cheers and applause] All right.
00:01:48In the first round, our celebrity, uh, is gonna be the clue giver.
00:01:52$100 For every correct name.
00:01:53No cheating allowed.
00:01:54Don't rhyme, don't spell the words out, uh, don't just give them the answer, no secret signs, no passing gas, ..
00:02:00[laughter] Remember, the category is people who've appeared on a box of wheaties cereal.
00:02:0545 Seconds on the clock, please.
00:02:07>> Okay.
00:02:08>> Set, off you go.
00:02:12>> Wayne gretzky.
00:02:13>> Yes.
00:02:17>> Uh, float like a bee.
00:02:18[babbling] >> Will smith played him in a movie.
00:02:21>> Oh, my god, sugar ray leonard.
00:02:22>> He now has parkinson's.
00:02:23>> Muhammad ali.
00:02:24>> Uh, football player, played for green bay packers.
00:02:31Refrigerator perry.
00:02:32>> His last name sounds something like if is not ..
00:02:37>> Far.
00:02:38Oh, brett favre.
00:02:41>> Uh, a gymnast.
00:02:42She was small.
00:02:43>> Mary lou retton.
00:02:44>> Whoa.
00:02:45>> Uh, okay.
00:02:46The football team for colorado is the-- say the city and the name.
00:02:49>> The broncos.
00:02:50>> And the city.
00:02:51>> Uh, denver broncos.
00:02:53>> Uh,keeping up with the kardashians-- okay.
00:02:59>> Good job.
00:03:00You know your sports, huh?
00:03:01You know sports a little bit.
00:03:02>> Little bit.
00:03:03>> Yeah, that was good.
00:03:03>> We got five.
00:03:05>> No, you did good.
00:03:06>> All right, awesome.
00:03:06>> Except for--i was a little worried about you and muhammad ali.
00:03:08>> I know, it wouldn't come to-- >> but you were like, "sting like a butterfly, floats like a bee"?
00:03:13>> I think I said something wrong.
00:03:15Dance--dance like a ballerina.
00:03:16>> Yeah--yeah, dance like nobody's watching and never, uh, give your money to a cat.
00:03:22I don't know, something like that.
00:03:24Anyway, you guys did fine.
00:03:25You got five. you got $500.
00:03:27It was a great start.
00:03:28All right, get out of here.
00:03:30All right, you two, step it up.
00:03:32[cheers and applause] Hi, guys.
00:03:34>> Hi.
00:03:35>> Hey.
00:03:36>> How are you?
00:03:36>> Tell me about yourselves.
00:03:37>> We grew up in battle creek, michigan, went to high school together, and then lost touch ..
00:03:42>> Uh-oh, is this facebook again?
00:03:44>> Well, just--yes.
00:03:46>> We reconnected-- >> reacquainted ourselves on facebook and got married four years ago.
00:03:50>> Aww!
00:03:51>> Yeah.
00:03:52>> That's amazing.
00:03:53>> Yeah!
00:03:54>> Oh!
00:03:56Thanks, facebook.
00:03:57Another great story.
00:03:59Good luck to you today, kids.
00:04:00>> Thank you, we need it.
00:04:01>> All right, let's meet the celebrity you'll be playing with first.
00:04:03She's appeared on shows like new girl, modern family, most recently in the usa show suits.
00:04:09Please welcome the lovely rachael harris, everybody.
00:04:11Rachael harris.
00:04:12[cheers and applause] Ah, you look lovely.
00:04:20Rachael, you look so lovely.
00:04:21>> Hey, darling. mwah.
00:04:22>> both: MWAH.
00:04:23>> Come on over.
00:04:23>> Hello.
00:04:24>> Patricia and danny.
00:04:26>> Hi, danny. I'm a hugger.
00:04:27I'm a hugger.
00:04:28>> Okay.
00:04:29>> Yes.
00:04:29>> Hey, are you on the facebook?
00:04:31>> I am on the facebook.
00:04:32>> Oh.
00:04:32>> One of my friends put up our kindergarten picture the other day.
00:04:35>> Really?
00:04:36>> It was adorable.
00:04:37>> I don't want any part of that.
00:04:38[laughter] They don't have it for reform schools anyway.
00:04:42Get in, come on.
00:04:42>> Okay.
00:04:44[cheers and applause] >> All right.
00:04:49The remaining category ..
00:04:56$100 For every correct name.
00:04:5845 Seconds on the clock, please.
00:04:59>> Here we go.
00:05:00>> Get ready, get set, off you go.
00:05:03>> Okay, uh, this is-- he died recently.
00:05:05He was--brought peace to, uh-- >> melson mandela-- nelson mandela.
00:05:09>> Exactly.
00:05:10>> Wow.
00:05:10>> Okay, uh, sharon is his wife's name.
00:05:13She's onthe talk.
00:05:15He's a ac/dc singer.
00:05:17>> Angus young.
00:05:17Uh, malcolm young.
00:05:19>> The one who bites off heads.
00:05:20>> Brian johnson.
00:05:20>> Bites off heads of rats.
00:05:21>> Ozzy osbourne.
00:05:22>> Okay, oh.
00:05:24E! news.
00:05:25The--i mean, the family e! news.
00:05:27>> Oh.
00:05:27>> All the daughters.
00:05:28>> Oh, the kardashians.
00:05:30>> Okay, uh, soap opera star, has been nominated for a, uh, emmy so many times, daytime emmy.
00:05:36She's italian.
00:05:37>> Pass.
00:05:38>> Great.
00:05:39Okay, oh, uh, this is a football team from, uh, not los angeles but the other city.
00:05:46>> San francisco.
00:05:47[stammers] >> Sorry.
00:05:48>> All right, not bad.
00:05:50Not bad.
00:05:51>> From the other city?
00:05:52>> I don't know football.
00:05:54>> Man, oh, man.
00:05:54>> That was the dumbest clue.
00:05:56From the other city?
00:05:56>> The other city.
00:05:57>> Other coast.
00:05:58>> It's all right.
00:05:58>> I meant other coast.
00:05:59>> Come here, come here.
00:06:00Let's do this.
00:06:00>> Oh, sorry.
00:06:01>> That's all right.
00:06:02Everything is fine.
00:06:02Actually, you know what, everybody, come here.
00:06:04>> What's happening? no.
00:06:05>> No, no, I will lead you small people to victory.
00:06:08[laughter] All right.
00:06:11You passed on susan lucci.
00:06:13It was susan lucci.
00:06:14And, uh, the new york giants.
00:06:16It was the new york giants.
00:06:17>> Oh, of course.
00:06:18>> You got three, $300.
00:06:19It's a decent start.
00:06:19$300 Versus $500.
00:06:21That's all right.
00:06:22Come back for more celebrity name game right after these messages for these excellent products.
00:06:29We'll be right back.
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00:09:10>> welcome back to celebrity name game,everybody.
00:09:12The scores at the moment, married couple-- they met on facebook.
00:09:14It's a long story.
00:09:15They've got $300, francesca and danny.
00:09:17[cheers and applause] Kamilah and mary, who rekindled their friendship on facebook also, they're at $500.
00:09:25[cheers and applause] Time now for our celebrities to swap teams.
00:09:30Move it on over there.
00:09:30Move it over.
00:09:36[indistinct chatter] All right.
00:09:38Ladies, you went first in the last round, which means you two go first in this round.
00:09:41And one of you two has to be the clue giver.
00:09:43Who's it gonna be?
00:09:43All right, danny.
00:09:44Let's see the categories from which you will choose.
00:09:49>> Who was the masked man?
00:09:50>> Who was that masked man?
00:09:52Which is famous mask wearers.
00:09:56Let's go.
00:09:57[cheers and applause] It is round two, which means it's $200 for every correct name.
00:10:04[cheers and applause] Category again, famous mask wearers.
00:10:0845 Seconds on the clock, please.
00:10:10Get ready, get set, off you go, danny.
00:10:15>> Uh, he sang.
00:10:17Uh, had a-- >> uh, uh, phantom of the opera.
00:10:22>> Don diego.
00:10:23>> Zorro.
00:10:24[laughter] >> Uh, clarice.
00:10:28[laughter] >> [stammers] Silence of the lambs.
00:10:31>> The name of the man.
00:10:34>> Um, this is my-- >> hannibal lecter.
00:10:39>> I am your father.
00:10:40>> Luke, oh, skywalker.
00:10:42No, darth vader.
00:10:47[laughter] Uh,pulp fiction.
00:10:50>> Uh, buh, buh-- the gimp.
00:10:53>> Hi ho, silver!
00:10:54>> Oh, crap.
00:10:55>> Tonto.
00:10:56>> Lone ranger.
00:10:58>> Oh.
00:11:00>> Holy crackers, danny.
00:11:03Holy crackers, man.
00:11:05>> Wow.
00:11:06>> That was awesome.
00:11:07Come here.
00:11:08>> I want to marry you.
00:11:10[laughter] >> Wow.
00:11:12Uh, that was good, though.
00:11:13I like the gimp.
00:11:14It was good.
00:11:15Phantom of the opera was good.
00:11:16It was like that thing where you see all the different movies and the, like-- [humming] >> This was good.
00:11:21>> You had an amazing round there.
00:11:22You got six, up to $1,500.
00:11:24Amazing. get out of here.
00:11:26[cheers and applause] All right, you two have got a lot to do.
00:11:29Who's the clue giver?
00:11:30>> Me.
00:11:30>> All right, mary, you get in there.
00:11:32Kamilah, over here.
00:11:34[cheers and applause] All right, ladies.
00:11:38The remaining category is first names first, which is famous folks with two first names.
00:11:44>> Okay.
00:11:45>> $200 For every correct name.
00:11:4745 Seconds on the clock, please.
00:11:50Get ready, get set, off you go.
00:11:54>> Okay, he's a black singer.
00:11:55He sings like this.
00:11:56>> Stevie wonder.
00:11:57>> No, no, nope.
00:11:59 shin-- >> yes, shorter, first name-- oh, crap, pass.
00:12:05Okay, he's a nascar driver, and he's a fictional character.
00:12:09Baby jesus, I love you, baby jesus.
00:12:10>> Bobby-- >> yes, bobby is the last name.
00:12:12First name is?
00:12:13>> Something bobby, oh, god.
00:12:14>> That's right, that's right.
00:12:15>> Will ferrell.
00:12:16Ricky bobby.
00:12:17>> Yes!
00:12:17Okay, um, all right, uh--uh-- ..
00:12:22>> Latifah?
00:12:23>> No.
00:12:24>> [laughs] >> The british queen.
00:12:27>> King?
00:12:27>> Queen e--um-- >> you said part of it.
00:12:31All right.
00:12:32>> He sings, it's a blank and garfunkel.
00:12:36>> Yes, and his first name is?
00:12:37>> Paul simon.
00:12:37>> Yes, and, um, okay, he's a-- >> all right.
00:12:40[cheers and applause] That's all right. come on up.
00:12:44[laughs] Come here.
00:12:46>> It's all right. it's okay.
00:12:47>> It's fine.
00:12:48>> Latifah, latif-- like, latifah can go either way.
00:12:51>> Elizabeth--queen elizabeth.
00:12:53>> Latifah can go either way.
00:12:56[laughs] Because you know that queen elizabeth is watching the show going, "oh, come on.
00:13:03What do I have to do?
00:13:04I'M THE [bleep] QUEEN." [laughter] And latifah is like, " you--you you passed on ray charles.
00:13:15You said "e" for elizabeth.
00:13:16>> Yes.
00:13:17>> So you can't do that.
00:13:18And so we had to buzzed you.
00:13:19But you did okay.
00:13:20You got two, take you up to $900.
00:13:22$900 Versus $1,500, close enough for rock and roll.
00:13:25Find out who's gonna be playing for $20,000 after these messages.
00:13:29Check us out at com/celebnamegame or follow us on twitter @celebnamegame.
00:13:35And don't go anywhere because we'll be right back.
00:13:37Be right back.
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00:16:32>> yeah, nice.
00:16:35Welcome back to celebrity name game,everybody.
00:16:37[cheers and applause] Scores at the moment, they're friends who met again after a long time on facebook, kamilah and mary, at $900.
00:16:45They're friends who got married after a long time apart on facebook.
00:16:49$1,500, Francesca and danny.
00:16:51In this round, our celebrities are gonna take a little break.
00:16:54Uh, you got a foot massage?
00:16:55You got a foot massage?
00:16:56>> This is how we watch tv.
00:16:57>> All right.
00:16:58They're gonna relax, take a little break, because in this round, I will be the clue giver.
00:17:03Ha ha ha!
00:17:06Our teams are gonna face off against one another in separate head-to-head battles.
00:17:10First name is worth $100.
00:17:11The names increase in value by $100 with each new name.
00:17:14The first team to reach $3,000 wins their bank and will be reunited with these gorgeous, fully clothed celebrities in the final round for a shot at $20,000.
00:17:26Now the category in this round is toga! toga! toga!
00:17:33Which is folks who were in fraternities or sororities--ties.
00:17:37Come on up, and all right.
00:17:39[cheers and applause] All right, for $100, people who were in fraternities or sororities.
00:17:48Uh, she is an actress.
00:17:49She was pi beta phi in college.
00:17:51She was the star ofalias.
00:17:55>> Sigourney weaver.
00:17:57Oh, sh-- [laughter] >> Oh, what?
00:18:01>> Shoot.
00:18:02>> Mm, either way, it was jennifer garner, was the star ofalias.
00:18:05Sigourney weaver, of course was an alien, which means $100 goes to kamilah and mary.
00:18:08Which takes them up to $1,000.
00:18:10Move it around.
00:18:13For $200, this is a film character in a fictional fraternity with three words in his name.
00:18:19Uh, his name rhymes.
00:18:21So the first name rhymes with the last name.
00:18:23It's in the movie old school, played by will ferrell.
00:18:26So he's a mm-na-hmm.
00:18:28Uh, all right.
00:18:29His last name, uh, is kind of like something that, you know, and-- yes?
00:18:34>> Frank the tank.
00:18:34>> Is the correct answer.
00:18:35Frank the tank.
00:18:38Kamilah and mary, up to $1,200.
00:18:41For $300, folks who were in fraternities or sororities.
00:18:46He was in a fraternity, sigma nu, it was called, apparently.
00:18:50He was at one point, for a very long time, the host ofthe price is right.
00:18:56Uh, yes?
00:18:58>> Bob barker.
00:18:59>> Is the correct answer, of course.
00:19:02Francesca and danny up to $1,800.
00:19:06For $400, he is a late night tv host.
00:19:10He hangs out with his little canadian friend paul shaffer every night on cbs.
00:19:16Oh, really?
00:19:18>> David letterman.
00:19:18>> Of course it's david letterman.
00:19:20Yeah, kamilah and mary up, $1,600.
00:19:24[applause] For $500, she's an actress and a singer.
00:19:29She was a phi beta something at oklahoma university.
00:19:32She started inwicked on broadway.
00:19:35Ah, yes.
00:19:36>> Kristin chenoweth.
00:19:37>> Is the correct answer.
00:19:38Kristin chenoweth.
00:19:39Kamilah and mary up to $2,100.
00:19:44For $600, uh, he's a comedian.
00:19:47He's an actor.
00:19:49He is the king of queens.
00:19:51>> Oh, god.
00:19:52>> He--okay.
00:19:53He, uh,paul blart: mall cop.
00:19:57Thanks for making me work.
00:19:58>> I'm sorry.
00:20:00>> His initials are kj.
00:20:02Uh, yes?
00:20:04>> Kevin james.
00:20:05>> Is the correct answer.
00:20:06[cheers and applause] Kamilah and mary up to $2,700.
00:20:12Now, here is the situation we find ourselves in.
00:20:15This name is worth $700.
00:20:17Francesca and danny, you guys have $1,800; kamilah and mary, you have $2,700, which means that you got to get this to stay in the game.
00:20:24And if you get this, you're playing for $20,000.
00:20:27[cheers and applause] For $700, possibly the game, uh, he was in a fraternity at the university of missouri.
00:20:39He was once a cast member onsaturday night live.
00:20:43He did a lot of movies with chris farley.
00:20:45Um, he was in rules of engagement, just shoot me!
00:20:52>> David spade.
00:20:55>> Kamilah and mary have just won their bank.
00:20:59It was, of course, david spade.
00:21:01>> Whoo!
00:21:01>> When we return, let's see if they can turn it into $20,000.
00:21:05Don't go anywhere.
00:21:06We'll be right back after this.
00:21:07We'll be right back.
00:21:08[lively music] ♪ ♪
00:21:11what are you gonna do?
00:21:12♪ ♪,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [lively music] ♪ ♪
00:24:19>> welcome back to celebrity name game,everybody.
00:24:21Kamilah and mary have just won their bank of $3,400.
00:24:25That's yours.
00:24:26Yours no matter what.
00:24:27Let's see if you can turn it into $20,000.
00:24:29>> Yes!
00:24:30[cheers and applause] >> You guys made any plans for the money?
00:24:34>> Oh, yeah.
00:24:35Our 20-year reunion is coming up.
00:24:36We're gonna throw the biggest party you've ever seen.
00:24:38>> A huge, wild party?
00:24:39>> Yeah, open bar, limos.
00:24:41>> Rent out the top suite of a hotel.
00:24:42>> Yes.
00:24:44>> I love a bit of education.
00:24:46All right.
00:24:46[laughter] In the final round, our celebrities are gonna be the guessers.
00:24:50You guys are gonna take turns being the clue givers.
00:24:52First clue giver gets 45 seconds to get many names as possible.
00:24:55The second clue giver only gets 30 seconds to get the rest.
00:24:59If you can get all ten names, between the two of you in the time allotted, then you win $20,000.
00:25:04All right?
00:25:04[cheers and applause] Who's coming up first?
00:25:07>> Me.
00:25:08>> Kamilah.
00:25:08>> All right, kamilah, you go up, mary to the soundproof booth.
00:25:12>> Oh, nice, kamilah.
00:25:15>> All right.
00:25:16She's in the soundproof booth.
00:25:1745 Seconds on the clock, please.
00:25:20Remember, there's no category here, could be anything.
00:25:21People, places, things, anything at all.
00:25:23You ready?
00:25:24>> Yeah.
00:25:24>> Ready, get set, off you go.
00:25:27>> Okay. pass.
00:25:30Um, oh, he wasteen wolf.
00:25:32>> Michael j. fox.
00:25:33>> The second one.
00:25:34He just was-- >> jason bateman.
00:25:35>> Yes.
00:25:36Um, oh, this is a team derek jeter just retired from.
00:25:39>> New york yankees.
00:25:40>> Yes.
00:25:41Um, oh, you said her earlier.
00:25:43She is, uh-- >> queen latifah.
00:25:45>> Yes.
00:25:46Oh, he is always in times square, playing the guitar
00:00:01[lively music] ♪ ♪
00:00:08>> Hey, and welcome to Los Angeles, California.
00:00:10Welcome toCelebrity Name Game.
00:00:11I am your host, TV's Craig Ferguson.
00:00:13Excuse me.
00:00:15Excuse me, sorry, I just had a piece of candy.
00:00:20It's absolutely delicious.
00:00:23All right, let's get on.
00:00:24Today, these two teams of naughty badgers will battle each other for a huge, cash prize in a game that's all about famous names.
00:00:31And as if that weren't enough, our teams will be joined in this studio by two real-life celebrities, right here.
00:00:40Our teams today are Pleasant and Isaac, and Keetin and Christina.
00:00:47Talk to you guys in a minute.
00:00:48Come on up, ladies.
00:00:49Tell me all about it.
00:00:50Oh, you girls are beautiful.
00:00:52both: Thank you.
00:00:53>> Beautiful.
00:00:54Tell me about yourselves.
00:00:55>> Well, we became friends instantly.
00:00:57We both found out we worked in the bridal industry.
00:00:59I work as a bridal planner.
00:01:00>> And I'm a wedding coordinator.
00:01:01>> Oh, okay, what's the difference?
00:01:02>> Oh, sorry.
00:01:04I'm more of on the styles-- I pick out the wedding dress.
00:01:06>> All right.
00:01:06>> And I make sure everything goes perfect on the day of the wedding.
00:01:08>> And does that always happen?
00:01:10>> Well, when I'm coordinating it.
00:01:11>> Okay, good luck to you today, then.
00:01:14Let's meet the celebrity you'll be playing with first.
00:01:17He is a talk show host, a pop culture guru, and a member of the E! Red Carpet Team.
00:01:21Please, welcome the absolutely spectacular Ross Mathews, everybody.
00:01:28I know, he's beautiful.
00:01:30You look great.
00:01:31Come on, come on.
00:01:32>> You always show off.
00:01:33>> Come on!
00:01:34>> Hi, hi!
00:01:36>> All right.
00:01:37>> They plan weddings.
00:01:38>> I know.
00:01:39>> I know.
00:01:39>> Maybe I'll get married.
00:01:40>> Well, okay.
00:01:41>> I can.
00:01:42>> I know, I know.
00:01:43All right, now, let's see the categories from which you will choose...
00:01:50"Sooner--" >> "'Sooner' rather than later." >> "'Sooner rather than later." >> I don't know what that is, but sounds good.
00:01:54>> I don't either.
00:01:54>> Well, okay.
00:01:55"'Sooner' rather than later." >> Okla--okay.
00:01:59>> Okay.
00:01:59>> A great--I was in that musical, so I'll do well.
00:02:02>> Well, let's get in there.
00:02:03Off you go.
00:02:09I don't know that the category necessarily means famous folks that were in thelahoma.
00:02:13>> Oh, oh, well, then, I'm not gonna do so well.
00:02:14>> All right, now, in the first round, our beautiful celebrity is going to be the clue giver.
00:02:19$100 for every correct name.
00:02:20No cheating allowed.
00:02:22>> Okay.
00:02:22>> No--don't rhyme the word.
00:02:23Don't spell the word.
00:02:24Don't just give them the answer.
00:02:27Yeah, that's it, don't do that.
00:02:28All right, the name of the category is...
00:02:3245 seconds on the clock, please.
00:02:36Get ready.
00:02:37>> Okay.
00:02:37>> Get set.
00:02:39Off you go, Ross.
00:02:41>> Oh, married to Angelina Jolie.
00:02:42>> Oh, Brad Pitt.
00:02:44>> WonAmerican Idol.
00:02:45Country singer.
00:02:47Blonde-- >> Carrie Underwood.
00:02:48>> Yes.
00:02:50>> OnSaturday Night Live-- >> Kate McKinnon.
00:02:52>> No, this is gonna be hard.
00:02:54Oh, he does Stefon.
00:02:55>> Oh, oh, oh, Bill Mader-- Bill-- >> First name is right.
00:02:58Last name sounds like that but starts with a different letter.
00:03:00>> Bill--Bill--pass.
00:03:02>> Okay, pass.
00:03:04Oh, three boys with blonde hair.
00:03:06MmmBopis a song-- >> Hanson.
00:03:08>> Yes.
00:03:09>> Bill Hader.
00:03:10>> Oh, Oprah had this person who's bald, and a mustache-- gave him his own show.
00:03:14>> Dr. Phil.
00:03:15>> Yes.
00:03:17Baseball player.
00:03:18Mouse is the first name-- Blank Mouse.
00:03:21>> Blank Mouse---Mickey?
00:03:22>> Yes, and on-- above a fire place, you have a-- >> Mickey Mantle?
00:03:25>> Yes.
00:03:26>> Wow, wow, you got Mickey Mantle.
00:03:30That's amazing.
00:03:32>> Thank you.
00:03:32>> That was great.
00:03:33>> Good job, good job.
00:03:34>> That was really good.
00:03:35>> Wowza!
00:03:35>> Yeah, you're beating yourself up about--yeah-- both: Bill Hader.
00:03:38>> Yeah, Bill Hader.
00:03:39>> I knew it!
00:03:40>> Don't beat yourself up.
00:03:40It's okay.
00:03:42>> I loveSNL.
00:03:43>> Learn to love yourself.
00:03:44It's fine.
00:03:45>> Go to therapy.
00:03:46>> No, you're gonna be fine because it was really a good round--you got five.
00:03:49It got you up to $500.
00:03:50That's a great start-- great start.
00:03:52All right, go sit down.
00:03:54All right, you two, come on up.
00:03:57All right, kids, tell me all about yourselves.
00:04:01>> Well, we are siblings from-- >> You're siblings?
00:04:03>> We're siblings.
00:04:04>> Siblings.
00:04:04>> From Colorado Springs, and we grew up basically camping, snowboarding, hanging out in the mountains together.
00:04:10>> You're kind of outdoorsy.
00:04:11>> Yeah.
00:04:11>> That would explain your shirt and your mustache.
00:04:13>> Yeah, I'm a lumberjack.
00:04:14>> Well, that's lovely.
00:04:15Okay, well, good luck to you both today.
00:04:17>> Thank you.
00:04:17>> Thank you.
00:04:18>> Let's meet the celebrity you'll be playing with first.
00:04:19This actress has starred in shows likeAmerican Dad andGrounded for Life, as well as the CBS hit, Rules of Engagement.
00:04:25Please, welcome the lovely Megyn Price, everybody.
00:04:32Hello, lovely.
00:04:34>> Hi, darling.
00:04:36>> Yeah, come on over.
00:04:38They're outdoorsy.
00:04:39>> Hi.
00:04:41>> Nice to meet you.
00:04:43>> Pleasant and Isaac, they're outdoorsy types.
00:04:44>> Wow, what if you're in a bad mood?
00:04:46>> I know.
00:04:47It's a lot to live up to.
00:04:47>> Yeah, I know.
00:04:48Isn't it a hard time-- do you get a hard time being called Pleasant?
00:04:50>> Sometimes.
00:04:51>> Like, people say, "That's not very pleasant, Pleasant!" all the time?
00:04:54>> Yes.
00:04:54>> Come on, let's get you in there.
00:04:56All right, off we go.
00:04:58All right, the remaining category is...
00:05:06$100 for every correct name.
00:05:0845 seconds on the clock, please.
00:05:10Get ready.
00:05:11>> Ready.
00:05:11>> Get set.
00:05:12Off you go.
00:05:14>> Oh, he used to be married to Demi Moore.
00:05:16>> Ashton Kutcher.
00:05:17>> And Mila Kunis--yes.
00:05:18This is in Paris.
00:05:19It's a big structure.
00:05:20>> Eiffel Tower.
00:05:21>> Yes.
00:05:23Oh, she was in-- oh, shoot-- with John Travolta, the Quentin Tarantino movie-- she was married to Ethan Hawke!
00:05:27>> Uma Thurman.
00:05:27>> Yes.
00:05:29He's our country's-- not aunt, but-- >> President.
00:05:32>> No, not aunt--your Aunt Suzy, but your-- >> Uncle--Uncle Sam.
00:05:36>> Yes.
00:05:37Oh, this makes you poo.
00:05:38It's a medicine.
00:05:40It's a medicine.
00:05:42>> Pass it--I don't' know it.
00:05:43You might want to pass.
00:05:43>> It's--it's--no, you're gonna get it.
00:05:45It's a letter-- >> Alka-Seltzer.
00:05:46>> Okay, yeah.
00:05:49She is married to Jason Sudeikis.
00:05:51Do you know her?
00:05:52She was in that movie, Neighbors,with--no, pass.
00:05:54>> Pass.
00:05:54>> This is a super-sexy Latino with Ryan Gosling.
00:05:59>> Eva Mendes.
00:06:00>> Oh, I don't think you got it in time.
00:06:02No, you didn't get it in time.
00:06:04But-- >> I knew she knew it.
00:06:05I knew you knew it.
00:06:06>> No, you did know it.
00:06:07You had a--you had a little trouble with Uncle Sam.
00:06:09>> I did, yeah.
00:06:10>> But you-- >> What makes you poop?
00:06:12>> Ex-Lax.
00:06:14Well, I just know what makes me poop is apricots, actually.
00:06:18But-- [laughter] Anyway, you guys did fine.
00:06:24You got four.
00:06:25You're at 400.
00:06:26A great start.
00:06:27Thank you, Megyn.
00:06:27You did well.
00:06:29All right, don't go anywhere.
00:06:30When we return, the stakes will get a whole lot higher.
00:06:32Come back for moreCelebrity Name Gameright after this.
00:06:34We'll be right back.
00:06:35[lively music] ♪ ♪
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00:09:13[lively music] ♪ ♪
00:09:17>> Welcome back toCelebrity Name Game,everybody.
00:09:19The scores at the moment-- Pleasant and Isaac have $400.
00:09:24Keetin and Christina in a slight lead with $500.
00:09:27Now, time for our celebrities to swap teams.
00:09:29Keep it clean, all right.
00:09:30>> Whoo.
00:09:34>> Keetin, Christina, you guys went first in the last round, which means, Pleasant and Isaac, that you guys go first in this round.
00:09:40And one of you two has to be the clue giver.
00:09:41Who's it gonna be?
00:09:42>> That'll be me.
00:09:42>> My sister.
00:09:43>> All right, let's see the categories from which you will choose...
00:09:48>> Ooh, well, we don't like crack.
00:09:50We like rings.
00:09:51What do you think?
00:09:52>> Honey, I try to avoid crack.
00:09:56>> "Name rings a bell." >> Ding, ding, ding!
00:09:57>> "Name rings a bell"...
00:10:01All right, fine.
00:10:02Let's get going, yeah.
00:10:03>> Okay.
00:10:06>> Famous names that include the word "bell." All right, it is round two, which of course means-- >> Yeah, that's-- >> $200 for every correct answer, yeah.
00:10:17>> I was gonna say that.
00:10:18>> I know, I know.
00:10:20I was just, you know-- I was trying to do that thing, but you know, that's fine.
00:10:23Anyway, the category is...
00:10:27All right?
00:10:28>> Yeah.
00:10:29>> All right, everybody ready?
00:10:29>> Yes.
00:10:30>> 45 seconds on the clock, please.
00:10:32Get ready, get set.
00:10:33Off you go.
00:10:34>> Okay,"Yo quiero--" >> Taco Bell.
00:10:37>> Yes.
00:10:39He's the phone guy.
00:10:42What's the kind of cracker that Mom used to put butter on?
00:10:44We loved it--sweet cracker.
00:10:46>> Wheat Thins?
00:10:47>> Pass.
00:10:50Okay, this is the-- it has a big crack in it.
00:10:52>> The Liberty Bell.
00:10:53>> Yes.
00:10:54Okay, married to Dax Shepard-- Veronica Mars!
00:10:59>> Stewart.
00:11:00>> Oh, my God, pass.
00:11:03Ooh, Mario Lopez, A.C. Slater-- >>Saved by the Bell.
00:11:06>> Yeah.
00:11:08Beauty and the Beast-- >> Belle.
00:11:10>> Hey.
00:11:11Okay, they're a-- a rap group with three names.
00:11:16>> Bell Biv Devoe.
00:11:17>> Yes.
00:11:17>> What?
00:11:23Bell Biv Devoe?
00:11:24>> I know.
00:11:25>> What?
00:11:26>> This guy rocks.
00:11:27>> Bell, Bell, Bell.
00:11:28>> Wow, that's a-- I think he's your brother.
00:11:31I don't think you two have met.
00:11:34That clue with your mom backfired a little bit.
00:11:38That was some-- I can't believe you got that.
00:11:40They-- >> Thank God I was here.
00:11:42Someone needs to say that.
00:11:43>> Yeah.
00:11:44Yes indeed.
00:11:45>> Thank you.
00:11:46>> That's a spectacular five.
00:11:48Up to $1,400.
00:11:49That's really good.
00:11:50Okay, go sit down.
00:11:51Get out of here.
00:11:52Okay, you two, who's gonna be the clue giver?
00:11:54>> I'm the clue giver.
00:11:55>> All right, Christina, in the middle there, girl.
00:11:57Off you go.
00:11:58>> Whoo.
00:12:01>> That was amazing, okay.
00:12:03>> All right, ladies, the remaining category is...
00:12:11>> [audience] Oh.
00:12:12>> What's the, "Oh," for?
00:12:14That's all right.
00:12:15What do you think it's gonna be?
00:12:15Stars on crack?
00:12:17It's--what are we gonna do?
00:12:18What are we gonna do?
00:12:19Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen--all right, it's...
00:12:26$200 for every correct name.
00:12:2945 seconds on the clock, please.
00:12:32Get ready.
00:12:33Get set.
00:12:34Off you go, Christina.
00:12:36>> Oh, okay, he plays Jack Sparrow in the pirate movies.
00:12:38>> Johnny Depp.
00:12:39>> Yes.
00:12:41The theme park that we go to--who made it?
00:12:42>> Disney Land--Walt Disney.
00:12:44>> There we go.
00:12:45Okay, they had a duet var--variety show in the '70s.
00:12:47>> Sonny and Cher.
00:12:48>> There we go.
00:12:49And she had a newspaper column-- or write-in service.
00:12:53>> Nancy Drew.
00:12:54>> No, it's--if you were to start a letter you start with-- >> Dear--Dear diary.
00:12:58>> No, okay, pass.
00:13:00He was a cartoon bird that knocks up against wood.
00:13:04>> Woody Woodpecker.
00:13:04>> Yes--okay, he hosts Jeopardy.
00:13:07He's got a mustache.
00:13:07>> Oh, Alex Trebek.
00:13:08>> Yes.
00:13:09And it's an R&B group from the '90s, and it has a number in the middle.
00:13:13Three words.
00:13:14If not boys, they're-- >> Oh, Boys II Men?
00:13:16>> Yep.
00:13:17>> Oh.
00:13:18>> No? Yes?
00:13:19>> Keep going, keep going.
00:13:19>> Oh, oh, I have no idea.
00:13:21>> All right, all right, good.
00:13:22>> I'm sorry but the time is up.
00:13:23>> Let me hold it.
00:13:24Let me hold it.
00:13:25Come on over, come on over.
00:13:27All right, so--so you-- so you got buzzed out because of Boys II Men.
00:13:32>> Yes.
00:13:32>> Now, and I want to just check something, because you said, "wood," on the Woody Woodpecker thing-- >> Oh, did I?
00:13:36>> You said, "Knock up against wood." >> Oh, yes.
00:13:38>> So although we gave it to you, we actually can't give it to you 'cause you said, "wood," and then, that's part of the clue.
00:13:43So-- >> I'll allow it.
00:13:44>> You know, sometimes, and I say this from a lot of experience-- sometimes wood happens, and you don't want it to happen, and it happens, and there's nothing anybody can do, and it's just part of nature, and everyone just has to move on.
00:13:58Anyway, other than that, you did fine.
00:14:01You did great, in fact.
00:14:02You got four.
00:14:04Takes you up to 1,300.
00:14:05You're right there.
00:14:06You're right there.
00:14:07You're neck and neck.
00:14:08You're doing fine.
00:14:09All right, find out who's gonna be playing for $20,000 after these messages.
00:14:15Come check us out at: or follow us on Twitter: Don't go anywhere.
00:14:20We'll be right back.
00:14:21[lively music] ♪ ♪
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00:16:25,,,, ♪
00:17:14[lively music] ♪ ♪
00:17:18>> Welcome back toCelebrity Name Game,everybody.
00:17:20The scores at the moment-- bestie, bestie friends, Keetin and Christina, have $1,300.
00:17:27Brother and sister, Pleasant and Isaac--$1,400.
00:17:32Now, that could change, of course.
00:17:34In this round, the celebrities are gonna take a little break.
00:17:36They're gonna relax and discuss moisturizers?
00:17:39>> Uh-huh, I use, um-- Oh, I'm kidding.
00:17:41>> Right.
00:17:42They're gonna take a break, because in this round I will be the clue giver.
00:17:49Our teams will face off against one another in separate, head-to-head battles.
00:17:53The first name is worth $100.
00:17:55The names increase in value by $100 with each new name.
00:17:58As I give the clues, whoever hits their buzzer first gets to give the answer.
00:18:01But I warn you.
00:18:02If you ring in, and you get the answer wrong, or you can't give the answer, then your opponents will get the money.
00:18:07[evil laugh] >> You love it.
00:18:13>> Too much?
00:18:14>> Yeah, a little.
00:18:15Less is more.
00:18:16>> All right, what about--what about, then, just like, "Ha ha." >> Ding, ding.
00:18:19>> Okay, thank you.
00:18:20The first team to reach $3,000 wins their bank and will be reunited with these gorgeous, pouting stars in the final round for a shot at $20,000.
00:18:32The category for this round is...
00:18:39Come on up, then.
00:18:44All right, for $100-- He had a lot of girlfriends, and he likes to play golf.
00:18:51>> Tiger Woods.
00:18:51>> Is the correct answer.
00:18:53Keetin and Christina, up to $1,400.
00:18:57For $200, famous folks with an animal in their name.
00:19:00She's an actress.
00:19:01She's very--oh, oh-- as she fights the Transformers and the--Yes?
00:19:07>> Megan Fox.
00:19:07>> Is the correct answer.
00:19:09Pleasant and Isaac, up to $1,600.
00:19:15For $300, famous folks with an animal in their name-- "That's not a knife.
00:19:19That's a knife." Yes?
00:19:22>> Crocodile Dundee?
00:19:23>> Is the correct answer.
00:19:27Pleasant and Isaac, up to $1,900.
00:19:30For--that was a pretty good Australian accent, wasn't it?
00:19:32>> Not bad.
00:19:33>> It sounded a little Cockney-sounding.
00:19:34>> It's a little woody.
00:19:35>> A little woody?
00:19:37>> Too soon, man, too soon.
00:19:38>> Too soon.
00:19:39It's too soon, yeah, yeah.
00:19:40All right, for $400, famous folks with an animal in their name.
00:19:45This is a music group.
00:19:47They are in no way like the Beatles, except they are quite like the Beatles.
00:19:50They had their own sitcom in the 19--Yes?
00:19:54>> The Monkees.
00:19:55>> Is the correct answer.
00:19:57Pleasant and Isaac are up to 2,300.
00:20:01Ah, now, this is quite a difficult one.
00:20:04What, what?
00:20:05>> Well, I'm just curious what it is.
00:20:06>> Okay, then, well, it's for $500.
00:20:10Famous folks with an animal in their name.
00:20:11This is a nickname given to a famous person.
00:20:14His real name was Joseph Merrick, and--Yes?
00:20:18>> The Elephant Man?
00:20:21>> Well, congratulations to you, young fellow.
00:20:28All right, Pleasant and Isaac are up to 2,800.
00:20:30When he was answering the question, I thought, "Has he had apricots?" [laughter] All right, now, here's the situation you find yourself in, Christina.
00:20:39This clue is for $600, which means if Pleasant and Isaac get this, they've won more than $3,000, and they're gonna play for $20,000.
00:20:49$20,000 or stay in the game, okay?
00:20:52For $600 and possibly the win, famous folks with an animal in their name.
00:20:57This is a colorful, advertising mascot.
00:21:02You'd find him on the box of the famed cereal, Froot Loops.
00:21:10>> Toucan Sam?
00:21:13>> Yup.
00:21:14>> That is, in fact, the correct answer.
00:21:15Pleasant and Isaac have just won $3,400.
00:21:21When we return, we'll see if they can turn it into $20,000.
00:21:23Don't go anywhere.
00:21:24We'll be right back.
00:21:25We'll be right back.
00:21:28I'm sorry.
00:21:29Yeah, so-- >> You did it.
00:21:33You're in this.
00:21:35>> Thanks for your help.
00:21:36>> We're gonna do this.
00:21:37>> Okay.,, ♪
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00:24:41[lively music] ♪ ♪
00:24:45>> Welcome back toCelebrity NameGame, everybody.
00:24:47Pleasant and Isaac have just won $3,400.
00:24:49Let's hear it.
00:24:50>> Yeah!
00:24:52>> That's safe.
00:24:52You keep it no matter what.
00:24:53But let's see if we can turn it into 20 grand.
00:24:55>> Whoo.
00:24:57>> Then what'll you do with it?
00:24:58>> Well, we love animals, so we're gonna donate to local shelters.
00:25:02>> Aww.
00:25:03>> Really?
00:25:04Local animal shelters?
00:25:05>> Most definitely.
00:25:06>> Well, this is on you, then.
00:25:08All right, in the final round, the celebrities are gonna be the guessers, and you guys are gonna take turns giving the clue givers.
00:25:14There are ten total names in the final round.
00:25:16First clue giver gets 45 seconds to get as many names as possible.
00:25:20Second clue giver gets 30 seconds to get the rest.
00:25:23If you can get all ten names between the two of you in the time allotted, then you win $20,000, and you can give it to whoever you want, all right?
00:25:31If not, you'll get $3,400, and you give that to whoever you want.
00:25:34That money is safe.
00:25:34All right, who's going up first?
00:25:35>> I'm gonna give the clues.
00:25:36>> Sister.
00:25:37>> All right, Pleasant, you get in there.
00:25:38All right, Isaac-- sound proof booth.
00:25:41He is in the sound proof booth.
00:25:4345 seconds on the clock, please.
00:25:45All right, remember, no category here.
00:25:46Could be anything--people, places, things, anything at all.
00:25:49All right, get ready, get set.
00:25:51Off you go.
00:25:53>> Okay, Olive Oyl's boyfriend.
00:25:55>> Popeye.
00:25:55>> Great.
00:25:57She dated John Mayer.
00:25:58She has a-- >> Jennifer Aniston.
00:25:59Jessica Simpson.
00:26:01Jennifer--Jennifer-- >> Love Hewitt.
00:26:03>> Yes.
00:26:03>> Oh.
00:26:04>> She singsRoyals.
00:26:06both: Lorde.
00:26:07>> Yeah.
00:26:07>> Wow.
00:26:08>> Okay,Saturday Night Live-- Wayne's World.
00:26:11both: Mike Myers.
00:26:12>> Yes.
00:26:14Okay, it's a baseball-- area that you play baseball.
00:26:17>> Diamond.
00:26:18>> It's a baseball-- and the first name is the name of a gum.
00:26:21>> Wrigley Field.
00:26:22>> Yes.
00:26:22Okay, silver-haired fox on CNN.
00:26:25both: Anderson Cooper.
00:26:25>> Yes.
00:26:26Okay, the movie-- it's just about what it is.
00:26:29There--you drive them.
00:26:31>> Cars.
00:26:32>> Okay, pass.
00:26:35Candy you'd normally get at a movie theater-- >> All right, all right, okay, that's really good.
00:26:44You're in pretty good shape.
00:26:45Let's bring out your brother and see if he can finish it up.
00:26:47All right, Pleasant, get out.
00:26:50Isaac, come on up.
00:26:51>> All right, okay.
00:26:52>> All right, here's the deal.
00:26:53She passed on number seven, so you're gonna start with number eight.
00:26:56You're gonna go eight, nine, ten, seven, $20,000.
00:26:58That's how it works.
00:26:59>> Okay.
00:27:00>> All right, 30 seconds on the clock, please.
00:27:02Remember, no category.
00:27:03Get ready. Get set.
00:27:05Off you go.
00:27:06>> Junior Mints, Milk Duds.
00:27:07>> Milk Duds.
00:27:08>> Yes, yes.
00:27:08Okay, long, crazy hair, and plays an interesting saxophone.
00:27:14>> Kenny G.
00:27:15>> Yes.
00:27:16>> Oh, my-- >> Okay, it's like a chocolate mixed drink--it's hot.
00:27:20>> Hot cocoa.
00:27:22>> Yes, yes.
00:27:22Okay, this is a Disney movie about race cars.
00:27:25>> Cars, Planes-- >> Oh, Cars-- >> Planes--Planes-- >> Cars 2, Cars 3, Cars World, Cars-- >> Planes, Trains, Automobiles--Planes-- >> The name of the-- >> Wheels.
00:27:39>> Clearly, what they were trying to do was get the name of the character, Lightning McQueen, which is the name of the lead character in the movie,Cars.
00:27:47>> Oh.
00:27:48>> That's the character there.
00:27:49Anyway, take the $3,400 and give that to animal shelters.
00:27:52All right, that's all the time we have today.
00:27:55Thank you to our celebrities, Ross Mathews and Megyn Price.
00:27:58We will see you next time onCelebrity Name Game.
00:28:01[lively music] ♪ ♪,,,,,,,,,,,,
Created by Patrick Riley