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00:00:00>> Judge Judy: Thank y.
00:00:01>> Byrd: You're welcome, jud.
00:00:02Parties have been sworn in.
00:00:03You may be seated.
00:00:03Ma'am, have a seat, please.
00:00:04>> Judge Judy: moreno, the defendant is your ex-boyfriend.
00:00:06You claim he owes you some money.
00:00:08>> Yes, ma'am.
00:00:09>> Judge Judy: Owes you some money for a loan.
00:00:10>> Yes, your honor.
00:00:10>> Judge Judy: He says absolutely not.
00:00:12This was money that you paid to actually keep both of you out of trouble.
00:00:15Is that right, sir?
00:00:16>> It was more me out of trouble.
00:00:18>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:00:19Well, so let me get some facts from her and then I'm gonna come directly to you.
00:00:23>> Yes, ma'am.
00:00:24>> Judge Judy: When did you live with mr. reyes?
00:00:25From when to when?
00:00:26>> From november till april.
00:00:27>> Judge Judy: April of this year?
00:00:29>> Uh, a year ago, 2013.
00:00:31November '13 to '14.
00:00:32>> Judge Judy: And in whose home did you live?
00:00:34>> I lived with my parents.
00:00:35>> Judge Judy: And where was he living?
00:00:37>> With his parents.
00:00:37>> Judge Judy: So you never lived together?
00:00:39>> No, ma'am.
00:00:40>> Judge Judy: Who were you working for during that period of time?
00:00:42>> For the school district.
00:00:43>> Judge Judy: And you, mr. reyes?
00:00:44>> I wasn't working at all.
00:00:45>> Judge Judy: What was the money for?
00:00:47>> I had a drug problem.
00:00:48I also was having gambling problems.
00:00:50Uh, at the time that she met that we got together, she knew about all this.
00:00:53I mean, I was -- >> Judge Judy: Don't tell me what she knew.
00:00:55>> Oh, she knew that we were -- i-i had a gambling and drug problem at the time.
00:00:59>> Judge Judy: Did you know that?
00:01:00>> Yes, ma'am.
00:01:00>> Judge Judy: Okay. and?
00:01:01>> After that, when we stuck together and everything was going great for a while.
00:01:05And she started taking out loans.
00:01:07So I asked her to help me out ..some of my drug problems.
00:01:10>> Judge Judy: She started to take -- >> she took out loans for herself.
00:01:13>> Judge Judy: For what?
00:01:14>> She took out loans for herself just for money, just to have money in her pocket.
00:01:17>> Judge Judy: She was working for the school district.
00:01:19>> Yes, ma'am, but she still wanted some money.
00:01:20>> That's not true, your honor.
00:01:21>> Judge Judy: Shh.
00:01:22Money for what?
00:01:23>> Just for herself.
00:01:24I mean, just to go shopping, to buy food, groceries, just to have money.
00:01:27>> Judge Judy: Well, she lives with her parents, and she works for the school district.
00:01:30What does she need loans for?
00:01:31>> At the time, that's what my understanding was.
00:01:33I mean, she wasn't very specific on what she was using it for.
00:01:35>> Judge Judy: Where was she taking the loans from, mr. reyes?
00:01:37>> Payday loans, online, stuff like that.
00:01:40>> Judge Judy: Payday loans, which means you have to pay those right back.
00:01:43>> Yes, ma'am.
00:01:44>> Judge Judy: And what about online?
00:01:45What kind of online loans?
00:01:46>> From what she told me, they were just $1,000 loans that she was taking out.
00:01:49>> Judge Judy: For what?
00:01:50>> Your honor, I -- oh, I'm sorry.
00:01:53>> Judge Judy: Just make sure I get an honest answer.
00:01:54Did you ever take out a payday loan? for yourself?
00:01:57>> I did, yes. not for myself.
00:01:58>> Judge Judy: For whom?
00:01:59>> For him.
00:02:00>> Judge Judy: For what?
00:02:00>> To pay back people that were threatening him and his family.
00:02:03>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:02:04So now, tell me about these people, mr. reyes.
00:02:06>> There was no people.
00:02:07>> That's the story he gave me.
00:02:08>> Judge Judy: Shh, shh!
00:02:09You started before by telling me that you did, in fact, ask her to take out some money for you.
00:02:14>> No, I did not tell her.
00:02:15She was taking out -- I just thought since she had money, she would help me out with some of the situation.
00:02:20>> Judge Judy: With some of your drug stuff.
00:02:21>> Yes, ma'am.
00:02:22>> Judge Judy: Well, that's what she's d-- so if she was taking out loans, listen, we may not say it in the same cadence.
00:02:27But if she was taking out loans and she had this extra money, I thought maybe she could help me out with some of my drug problems?
00:02:33Is that what you said?
00:02:34>> Yes, ma'am.
00:02:34>> Judge Judy: Tell me what your drug problems were.
00:02:36>> I was doing meth heavily.
00:02:37>> Judge Judy: So you wanted her to give you money so you could buy drugs?
00:02:41>> Yeah, and she did.
00:02:42>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:02:43So she gave you money to pay drug dealers who provided you with drugs?
00:02:48>> And helped out my gambling.
00:02:50>> Judge Judy: And helped out your gambling.
00:02:51How did she help out your gambling?
00:02:53>> She gave me money.
00:02:54>> Judge Judy: To what?
00:02:55>> To pay off my debt.
00:02:56>> Judge Judy: That's where we're getting.
00:02:58She gave you money to pay off your debt.
00:03:00What kind of gambling were you doing?
00:03:02>> Uh, online sporting events.
00:03:03Like football, baseball, basketball.
00:03:05>> Judge Judy: Online?
00:03:06>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:07>> Judge Judy: But there is a person at the end of this line.
00:03:09>> Well, yes. a bookie.
00:03:10>> Judge Judy: What do you mean "well, yes"?
00:03:11It's a person at the end of this line.
00:03:13>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:13>> Judge Judy: And how far did you get indebted to the person at the end of this line?
00:03:18>> $500.
00:03:18>> Judge Judy: How many times did you get indebted 500 times to the person at the end of this line?
00:03:23>> About twice.
00:03:24>> Judge Judy: Two times.
00:03:25Could it have been three times?
00:03:26>> Well, no, 'cause eventually, I had to stop.
00:03:28>> Judge Judy: I mean that -- eventually.
00:03:29I said, you said it could've been two times.
00:03:32I'm asking, could it have been three times?
00:03:34>> No, ma'am.
00:03:34>> Judge Judy: So it was just two times?
00:03:36>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:36>> Judge Judy: And the second time was how much?
00:03:38>> $500.
00:03:38>> Judge Judy: So that was $1,000.
00:03:40>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:41>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:03:41And how much money did she give you for your drugs?
00:03:44>> $500.
00:03:45>> Judge Judy: And who did you give that money to?
00:03:47>> The person I was receiving the drugs from.
00:03:49>> Judge Judy: Had he already provided you with the drugs?
00:03:52>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:52>> Judge Judy: So that you were indebted to him for the drugs.
00:03:54>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:54>> Judge Judy: Okay, so now you're indebted to drug people and gambling people.
00:03:58>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:59>> Judge Judy: Okay, neither one of those groups would I -- I mean, I'd rather be indebted to a priest or a rabbi rather than be indebted to somebody who sells meth or who's involved in gambling.
00:04:11>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:11>> >> Judge Judy: RIGHT?
00:04:12Wouldn't you?
00:04:13So you owe these people money.
00:04:14Now, had either one of these organizations -- the drug people or the gambling people ever contacted you at home?
00:04:22>> No, ma'am.
00:04:23>> Judge Judy: Had they ever contacted you at all?
00:04:25>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:26>> Judge Judy: About the debt.
00:04:27What mechanism did they use to contact you?
00:04:30>> Maybe a text message or -- >> Judge Judy: Text.
00:04:32So they had your phone?
00:04:32>> Well, yeah, they had my phone number.
00:04:34>> Judge Judy: Both.
00:04:35>> Mm-hmm.
00:04:36>> Judge Judy: The drug people and the gambling people.
00:04:37>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:38>> Judge Judy: And if they had your phone, they also had the ability to find out where you lived.
00:04:42>> Absolutely.
00:04:43I mean, I wasn't running from them or anything like that.
00:04:45I-i kept in contact.
00:04:46>> Judge Judy: Now, when did she give you the first $500 for the gambling people?
00:04:52>> I think january 2014.
00:04:53>> Judge Judy: Is that right?
00:04:54>> No.
00:04:55>> Judge Judy: When?
00:04:55>> It was in november of 2013.
00:04:57>> Judge Judy: That's the first time you met him.
00:05:00>> No, we've known each other for eight years prior.
00:05:02>> Judge Judy: Oh, but -- >> we started dating in september.
00:05:05He asked for a loan in november.
00:05:07>> Judge Judy: You told -- I asked you when were you together.
00:05:11>> Judge Judy: No, I said -- not -- not -- I didn't mean, I was very clear.
00:05:14I said, when were you together?
00:05:15You said from november 2013 to april of 2014.
00:05:18So my question is if the first time you gave him money was ..
00:05:22>> Yes, your honor.
00:05:22>> As soon as you became a couple, you gave him money.
00:05:25>> We dated in september.
00:05:26I'm sorry, I got the date wrong.
00:05:28But first time he asked for money was in november.
00:05:30>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:05:31And what did he tell you he needed money for?
00:05:33>> He said he needed money to pay off people that were threatening him and his family.
00:05:37>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:05:38And how much did you give him?
00:05:39>> At that time, I gave him $500, but I gave him several times $500.
00:05:43Not like he says twice.
00:05:45It was more.
00:05:46>> Judge Judy: How much can you prove?
00:05:48>> I have all the loans here that I took out for him.
00:05:50And I did take out a loan -- >> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:05:53I don't wanna see loans that you took out.
00:05:55He says you took out loans for yourself, also -- payday loans, online loans for things that you wanted.
00:06:00I don't wanna see evidence of loans.
00:06:02I want to see proof that you gave him the money.
00:06:04>> See, I don't have him signing my paperwork, your honor.
00:06:07>> Judge Judy: Well, that's too bad.
00:06:08That's what people do with a loan.
00:06:10>> I know.
00:06:10>> Judge Judy: So the first time was in november of 2013.
00:06:13>> Yes, your honor.
00:06:13>> Judge Judy: And when was the second time?
00:06:15>> In december.
00:06:16>> Judge Judy: So a month later.
00:06:17December of 2013.
00:06:19>> Yes.
00:06:19>> Judge Judy: You gave him money.
00:06:20>> Yes.
00:06:21>> Judge Judy: How much?
00:06:22>> It was again $500.
00:06:23>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:06:24>> And then I gave him cash as well from my pocket.
00:06:26>> Judge Judy: Great.
00:06:26And when was the next time you gave him money?
00:06:28>> Uh, there was a couple in december.
00:06:29>> Judge Judy: How many in december?
00:06:31>> There was four times in december and then again in march.
00:06:34>> No, no, no.
00:06:35>> Judge Judy: Okay, let's go -- let's go to -- let's go to march.
00:06:39When you gave him money in march, how much did you give him?
00:06:41>> He asked for twice $300, and I personally handed it to his friend for his gambling.
00:06:48>> Judge Judy: Just a second, how much did you give him?
00:06:51>> $600.
00:06:51>> Judge Judy: $600.
00:06:52Now in march, had he given you back any of the money that you gave him in november?
00:06:56>> No, your honor.
00:06:57He promised -- >> Judge Judy: Shh!
00:06:58Had he given you back any of the money?
00:07:00>> No, your honor.
00:07:00>> Judge Judy: And in march when you gave him money again, did he give you back any of the money that you gave him in december?
00:07:07>> No, your honor.
00:07:08>> Judge Judy: And in march, did he have a job?
00:07:11>> I believe he did.
00:07:11>> Judge Judy: What do you mean you believed he did?
00:07:13>> Uh, 'cause he had a prior washing windows and then, he went to ihop.
00:07:18And I'm not sure that they -- that he started at ihop.
00:07:20>> Judge Judy: So you don't know whether he was working.
00:07:22When you met him, he wasn't working.
00:07:23>> He wasn't working.
00:07:24>> Judge Judy: And so you have no information as to whether he was working november, december, january, february, or march?
00:07:31>> He wasn't working november or december.
00:07:32>> Judge Judy: moreno, your relationship ended in april?
00:07:35>> Yes, your honor.
00:07:36>> Judge Judy: And how did it end in april?
00:07:38>> Uh, because he didn't want to pay me back.
00:07:40He promised me his income tax return and he said he had A 401(k) THAT HE WOULD TAKE Money out to pay me back.
00:07:46>> Judge Judy: Oh, that's ridiculous.
00:07:47I don't even believe that.
00:07:49This man who was being threatened and you believed that.
00:07:52..that he was being threatened by gambling people AND DRUG PEOPLE HAD A 401(k) That he could take money out of?
00:07:58Is that what you're trying to convince me?
00:08:00>> He -- he said he couldn't take out at the moment from HIS 401(k).
00:08:02>> Judge Judy: Yeah, I don't believe that he said it.
00:08:04I don't believe that somebody who's a thinking person believed it if he said it.
00:08:08>> He did say, your honor.
00:08:09>> Judge Judy:..
00:08:10>> He promised me -- he promised me his tax return.
00:08:12>> Judge Judy: You wanted to believe it, that's totally up to you.
00:08:15But when you lend somebody money in november and they don't pay you back november, december, and they're not working.
00:08:22January, february, march, and they don't pay you back, well, because -- and they tell you that they're gonna get their income tax refund, when they haven't been working -- as far as I'm concerned, you gotta be a looney tune, and you're not a looney tune, to figure out that that person is pulling your leg unless you're blind with love and you wanna believe it.
00:08:39>> I was in love, your honor.
00:08:40>> Judge Judy: Well, I'm sorry.
00:08:41I think that these were not loans in a classic sense.
00:08:44Your case is dismissed.
00:08:45That's all.
00:08:46>> [ Sighs ] >> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:08:47You may step out.
00:08:48>> He kept promising to pay me back.
00:08:49>> I think it went great.
00:08:50>> "They're threatening me.
00:08:52" >> I mean, I did tell her that I had situations.
00:08:55At the time it wasn't working and I was upset.
00:08:56>> Use my head next time.
00:08:57Be smart about it.
00:08:58>> This is something I didn't want to happen.
00:09:01>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:09:03>> Byrd: All parties in the matter of CASTRENCE vs. HUNT STEP FORWARD.
00:09:06>> Announcer: Romulo castrence is suing his former tenant, 21-year-old james hunt, for damage to his home and property.
00:09:16>> Judge Judy: castrence it is your claim that the defendant who was a tenant of yours broke your glasses during some sort of an altercation that you had with him.
00:09:23>> Correct.
00:09:24>> Judge Judy: And in addition, his mother, not him, but his mother had a confrontation.
00:09:28Some sort of a kerfuffle with another tenant of yours.
00:09:31And according to you, his mother broke the television.
00:09:33>> Correct.
00:09:34>> Judge Judy: In your house and you want him to be responsible?
00:09:36>> Yes.
00:09:37>> Judge Judy: Well, let's start out with why would he be responsible for an act of his mother?
00:09:42>> I was thinking that, uh, it's his, uh, friends that came over and had the altercation to one of our tenants, and that justifies, I guess, the, uh, the broken television on the altercation.
00:09:55>> Judge Judy: No, he's not responsible for anything his mother allegedly did because I would have to take testimony from his mother.
00:10:01Mother would have to be a witness.
00:10:03She's not here today, is she?
00:10:05>> No, she's not.
00:10:05>> Judge Judy: Yeah, so, let's stay with the glasses because those are the -- >> but I have the witness over here on the altercation with the mother.
00:10:13>> Judge Judy: I can't take her testimony, sir.
00:10:15>> Okay.
00:10:15>> Judge Judy: He's not responsible for acts of his mother that were intentional.
00:10:21>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:10:24>> Judge Judy: hunt, you wanna tell me your version of those events, please?
00:10:27>> Basically, uh -- >> Judge Judy: Not basically.
00:10:29There's no such word as "basically" in what you're telling me.
00:10:31I don't want to hear a "like" what happened or a "basically" what happened.
00:10:34Those are filler words. okay?
00:10:35Filler words -- ",,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> Announcer: Closed captioning ..
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00:13:00>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:13:01Real people.
00:13:03" romulo castrence says former tenant james hunt damaged his home and broke his glasses during an argument.
00:13:11>> Judge Judy: Okay, now let's go to your glasses.
00:13:14 hunt became a tenant.
00:13:17>> That's on december of 2014.
00:13:19>> Judge Judy: And when was the altercation that you had with him that resulted in your glasses breaking?
00:13:24>> Uh, april of 2015.
00:13:26>> Judge Judy: And he moved out in april?
00:13:27>> Correct, yes.
00:13:28>> Judge Judy: Did he move out immediately after the glasses incident?
00:13:31>> No, the glasses incident was before he moved out.
00:13:34'Cause we gave him a 30-day notice and a 3-day notice.
00:13:37>> Judge Judy: You wanna tell me about the glasses incident?
00:13:39>> Yes, uh, so I have this rental property that, uh, we rent rooms to different tenants.
00:13:44>> Judge Judy: I got it -- I understand that you rented a room to him in your rental property.
00:13:48You have other tenants in the property.
00:13:49>> On the contract that she signed that there's no other people that should be staying inside the house.
00:13:55So when I was there for business, you know, I stay there once in a while, and, uh, there's a person that's was coming down off the stairs.
00:14:03And I asked her, uh, hey, ..
00:14:05>> Judge Judy: Okay, so that was a person that you had not rented to.
00:14:08>> Yes.
00:14:09>> Judge Judy: Who was that person?
00:14:10>> A friend of mine, your honor.
00:14:12>> Judge Judy: A woman?
00:14:12>> Yes.
00:14:13>> Judge Judy: Did you have a written lease with mr. castrence?
00:14:16>> Yes, I did, your honor.
00:14:17>> Judge Judy: Did it permit you to have overnight guests?
00:14:19>> Uh, it did not.
00:14:20>> Judge Judy: Or did it say anything about guests?
00:14:22>> No, your honor.
00:14:24>> Judge Judy: Is that correct, sir?
00:14:25>> Correct.
00:14:25>> Judge Judy: Okay, so he had a friend over, and you said to the friend, go ahead.
00:14:29>> Uh, I said to the friend, I just asked her, hey, what's your name?
00:14:32You know, how long have you been staying here? da da da.
00:14:34And our conversation didn't really get so far.
00:14:37And he got into my face.
00:14:40>> Judge Judy: Were you on the stairs?
00:14:42>> At the hallway down the stairs.
00:14:43>> Judge Judy: Okay, so his friend was coming down the stairs.
00:14:46>> Mm-hmm, so I was just -- I was just talking to her, you know, just -- >> Judge Judy: At the bottom of the stairs?
00:14:50>> The bottom of the stairs.
00:14:51>> Judge Judy: Okay, so you were talking to her at the bottom of the stairs.
00:14:53>> Correct, yes.
00:14:53>> Judge Judy: And then, he came from where?
00:14:55>> Uh, he came from upstairs.
00:14:56>> Judge Judy: And?
00:14:57>> And he got into my face and he was telling me that I don't have the right to ask him or to ask his guest who are they and why are they there, basically.
00:15:07>> Judge Judy: And?
00:15:08>> And that's when I already had my glasses on my hand and -- >> Judge Judy: So you took your glasses off.
00:15:12>> Yeah, yeah.
00:15:13>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:15:14You had your glasses on, initially.
00:15:15>> Correct, yes.
00:15:16>> Judge Judy: So you took your glasses off and?
00:15:18>> Yes, 'cause he was already on my face.
00:15:20And I told him, oh, man, you don't wanna do this.
00:15:22..you know.
00:15:23I'm just talking to her.
00:15:24You know, I just have -- want to have a conversation with her.
00:15:27And then, that's when I kinda backed up a little bit 'cause he was already on my face.
00:15:31And he slapped my hands.
00:15:33And threw my glasses across the floor.
00:15:35>> Judge Judy: He slapped your hands?
00:15:36>> Yeah, with my glasses in my hand, yeah.
00:15:38>> Judge Judy: hunt, you want to tell me your version of those events, please?
00:15:41>> So basically, your honor, on the event of what had happened, basically -- >> Judge Judy:" there's no such word as "basically" in what you're telling me.
00:15:49I don't wanna hear basically what happened.
00:15:50I wanna hear what actually happened.
00:15:52I don't wanna hear a "like" what happened or a "basically" what happened.
00:15:55Those are filler words, okay?
00:15:56Filler words -- " >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:16:02>> He's been smoking inside the house which is burn marks on the, uh, tables.
00:16:06>> Judge Judy: And how do you ascribe that to him?
00:16:08>> 'Cause he's the only one smokes inside the house.
00:16:11And I saw him, uh, smoking a bong inside the house.
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00:18:32>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:18:33" romulo castrence says former tenant, james hunt, damaged his home and broke his glasses during an argument.
00:18:43>> Judge Judy: Okay, what happened with the glasses?
00:18:47[ Laughs ] oh, I'm sorry.
00:18:49I apologize, your honor.
00:18:50Um, when we were getting ready to head out the door, he approached my company, asked her, you know, who she was, what was she doing there.
00:18:57You know, how long was she there for?
00:18:59Basically, you know, reiterating to me that I was not supposed to have any company there.
00:19:02>> Judge Judy: What do you mean not basically?
00:19:04Did he say to you you were not supposed to have any company?
00:19:06>> Yes, yes, he did.
00:19:07He -- he told me I was not supposed to have company there.
00:19:09And he was in such a way, he was right behind her.
00:19:12And I took that very, you know, offensively.
00:19:14I took that, you know, as, you know, disrespect.
00:19:16>> Judge Judy: So he was right ..
00:19:18>> Yes, and I went and I put myself in between him and her.
00:19:22And I said, "okay, now, you're being disrespectful.
00:19:25Can you please just leave us " >> Judge Judy: And?
00:19:28>> And he did, uh, proceed to remove his glasses and he was saying, you know, "you can't have guests here.
00:19:33" after he said that, we left out the door.
00:19:36There was no waving of the hands.
00:19:38There was no, you know, any of that at all.
00:19:40>> Judge Judy: You didn't slap his hands?
00:19:42>> No, your honor, I did not.
00:19:43>> Your honor, I asked his girlfriend, "you saw " but I cannot get her girlfriend ..
00:19:48His girlfriend saw what happened and I told her.
00:19:51"See that?" you know.
00:19:52He didn't even have to slap my hands.
00:19:54We were just talking.
00:19:55>> Judge Judy: Anything else?
00:19:56>> Oh, besides the glasses?
00:19:57I have other things that he destroyed inside the house.
00:20:00>> Judge Judy: What?
00:20:01>> He broke some, uh, sliding door glass.
00:20:04And one of his friends that came over pounded on our, uh, dining room table and basically split it.
00:20:12And, uh, the carpet stains that we got estimated from 'cause there's like a dog urine and carpet cleaner couldn't clean it anymore.
00:20:22So we had some estimate.
00:20:23>> Judge Judy: Let's go.
00:20:24Show me a picture of the glass door.
00:20:26>> Can I see that picture as well, your honor?
00:20:28>> Judge Judy: Yeah.
00:20:28I'm gonna show it to you.
00:20:30Tell me when he broke it.
00:20:31>> Uh, we found this out when he moved out of the, uh, the premises.
00:20:35>> Judge Judy: Let me see a picture of them.
00:20:37>> Okay, it's this one over here.
00:20:41And there's a screen -- there's a screen, too, that's broken.
00:20:45And this is the price that we quoted.
00:20:48We couldn't get it repaired yet 'cause we don't have the money yet.
00:20:56>> Judge Judy: This is a sliding glass door to a closet?
00:20:58>> Yeah.
00:20:59>> Judge Judy: Okay, it's a closet door.
00:21:00>> Yeah.
00:21:01>> Judge Judy: Here you go.
00:21:01You wanna see a picture?
00:21:02>> Yes, your honor.
00:21:15>> Judge Judy: Anything you wanna tell me?
00:21:16>> I have no idea how those happened, your honor.
00:21:18>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:21:19>> And the night that all the, uh, stains -- >> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:21:21>> Oh, I'm sorry.
00:21:22>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:21:23I don't know how much it is.
00:21:26$123, $144?
00:21:27>> Oh, it was the cheapest one 'cause it was a small closet door plus the installation I think came up to $249, something like that.
00:21:33>> Judge Judy: Show me what else.
00:21:35>> Here is the carpet.
00:21:36>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it. did you have a dog?
00:21:37>> Yes, I did, your honor.
00:21:38>> Judge Judy: What kind of dog did you have?
00:21:40>> A chihuahua.
00:21:40>> Judge Judy: A chihuahua?
00:21:41>> This is the, uh, carpet cleaner assessment of the -- >> Judge Judy: I just want to see the picture.
00:21:45>> Oh, the picture? okay.
00:21:50>> [ Whispers ] OH, TELL HER About the contract.
00:21:54>> Judge Judy: I'm not giving you any money for the carpet.
00:21:56Have the carpet cleaned.
00:21:59>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
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00:25:38>> Judge Judy: Okay, go ahead.
00:25:39Let's go. next.
00:25:40$249 -- Broken glass. what else?
00:25:42>> Okay, and then, uh, my glasses is right here.
00:25:45>> Judge Judy: I'm not giving you any money for your glasses.
00:25:47I don't believe he hit you.
00:25:48>> Okay.
00:25:48>> Judge Judy: What's next?
00:25:49>> Okay, and then, the clean -- the house.
00:25:51He's got -- he's been smoking inside the house which is, uh, burn marks on the, uh, tables.
00:25:56>> Judge Judy: On which tables?
00:25:58>> There's a coffee table -- >> Judge Judy: In his room?
00:26:01>> Uh, no, outside the, uh, on the living room and the dining room.
00:26:05>> Judge Judy: And how do you ascribe that to him?
00:26:07>> 'Cause he's the only one smokes inside the house.
00:26:09And he's the one -- I saw him, uh, smoking a bong inside the house which he -- >> Judge Judy: You can return this, please, to him.
00:26:15>> Byrd: Sure.
Created by Patrick Riley